LiveHelpNow is an easy-to-use option that’s designed to be a “powerful, no-nonsense chat platform.”

It’s a full-service customer management suite that integrates live chat, ticket-based support, call management and a knowledge base to help agents quickly and easily access information.


LiveHelpNow’s plans start at $21 per agent per month.

The Pros

LiveHelpNow works with a variety of popular content management systems and eCommerce platforms including WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, and CS-Cart. Their publicly-available API hooks into any CRM program, and hands-on remote assistance functionality lets you work with the customer as if you were actually there.

Plus, all of the features you’ll likely want are available right out of the box.

LiveHelpNow has its own analytics, but also integrates with Google Analytics, making it easy to see how your live chat services are impacting your site’s performance.

The platform also offers customizable post-chat surveys to help you gain insight into the customer experience you’re providing via live chat. This will show you where your customer service agents are succeeding, and how they can improve to boost your site’s results.

The Cons

It’s hard to find any major flaws in LiveHelpNow’s system, but given the many features available, it may be overkill for users who just want a live chat solution.

The Verdict

Typically when a company that specializes in live chat ventures into other customer support service territories like help desks, trouble tickets, and knowledge bases, the features of those respective services are lacking compared to the company’s flagship product.

That’s not the case with LiveHelpNow, where each option provides a standalone strength. And they’re only enhanced by the fact that you can use them together for a well-rounded, reliable service.

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