Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat, formerly Zopim, is a logical choice for anyone already using Zendesk for customer service.

This platform is not exactly a newcomer to the live chat world. It is, however on the smaller side of the pricing scale – making it a choice worth looking at for startups and small businesses alike.


Zendesk Chat offers a free plan for one agent, one concurrent chat, and 30-day chat history. Beyond that, advanced plans range from $14—$29 per agent per month.

The Pros

The platform is extremely customizable in terms of letting you choose a template or fine-tune the design to your liking.

Not surprisingly, it also integrates flawlessly with Zendesk. It also works alongside Salesforce, Magento, WordPress and a handful of other web-based services.

The platform also offers helpful in-platform analytics. You can easily see how your agents are performing and what pages visitors are on before they reach out to you. You can also track chat logs and data over time.

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The Cons

A free version of Zopim is available. However, it can be very restrictive in terms of what you can and cannot do.

For example, by default, the free version shows a “We are Offline” image when the chat is unattended. This may give your visitors the idea that they can’t get in touch with your support team.

The paid plans allow you to hide this option, as well as make other changes to the way your chat appears.

The Verdict:

Zopim has a great bundle of analytical features and integrations with popular web-based services and content management systems.

It’s easy to get up-and-running quickly and works flawlessly with Zendesk, though that should come as no surprise.

So if you need a live chat option and want to set something up quickly and easily, this could be the perfect fit — especially if you’re already using Zendesk.

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